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National College Resources Foundation (NCRF) is an educational enhancement agency based in Los Angeles County whose mission is to curtail the high school dropout rate and increase degree and/or certificate enrollment among underserved and underrepresented students.

NCRF began its service to underserved and underrepresented students in 1999 in response to California Proposition 209, which banned affirmative action policies in the state, disrupting the already tenuous relationship between minorities and college admissions.  On February 26th of the following year, NCRF hosted the First Annual Black College Expo™ at the Los Angeles Convention Center, an event that brought together representatives from historically Black colleges and universities around the country to provide admissions and scholarship information to the 35,000 students, parents, and other visitors in attendance. This day provided proof that one day is not enough, so NCRF Founder Dr. Theresa Price started visiting schools weekly encouraging higher education in the African American and Latino communities. When at a local East LA high school Dr. Price was approached by more than half of the students in the class, with various students sharing that their counselors said they “were not” college material.​

As a response to this cry, NCRF created "The Movement Enrichment Program".  The Movement is a program that goes into the schools to work with students from social-emotional concepts, which includes comprehensive intervention, mentoring, academic support, college readiness, and college and career planning. "The Movement" Program today works with over 25 elementary, middle and high schools, and 99% of the students have increased their grades, developed a better sense of self, and are thinking of plans for their future based on our intervention and mentoring concepts. Matter of fact, 100% of these students apply for college or a certificate program.

Although NCRF was derived out of an annual event, Black College Expo™, it was discovered through this event that there is truly a disconnect among the minority communities, especially African American and Latino, with resources and opportunities for students to succeed.  And as it is widening in achievement gap, workforce gap, and economic disparities, NCRF created programs to address these issues.  The Movement Enrichment Program has been working in schools since 2012, meeting with students in small groups and one-on-one dissecting problems, like homelessness, foster youth, gang pressure, environment issues, family issues, economic issues, and the like, by coaching and training students to feel good about oneself, understanding their value and existence, designing a plan for them to succeed.  This includes, but not limited to, anti-bullying, tutoring, mentoring, college readiness, college and career planning, job placement, job shadowing, internships, selecting a major, fields of study, selecting a college or program, and goal setting.  Another major program, Students Think STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Aerospace, Agriculture, and Math) was created in 2014 to increase the enrollment and awareness of the opportunities in the STEAM fields, while at the same time addressing the workforce shortage in STEM and future outcomes.  NCRF is creating pipelines for students to be engaged, receive resources and opportunities.  These pipelines extend beyond K-12 due to the necessity to work with post-secondary students (college students) to connect to resources and opportunities for them to continue college (retention) and graduate (matriculation). Our programs Black College Expo™, The Latino College Expo™, Students Think STEAM Expo- are all designed to bring in resources and opportunities for students of color, representing underserved, underrepresented, low resource, and at risk students.

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Our Results

100% Graduation rate among African Americans at participating Lynwood Unified Schools
Since the emergence of Black College Expo in 1999 less than 3% of California students were attending HBCU's. Today, that has increased to over 20%.
STEAM Program reaches 35,000 students annually
Hosted over 100 College Expos, Financial Aid Seminars, and College Planning Sessions
Helped students secured over 400 million in scholarships and grants
Assisted 160 athletic offers, totaling over 10 million in scholarships
Helped over 600 athletes receive athletic scholarships
Awarded over $700,000 in scholarships
Helped over 450,000 students get into college
Placed over 1000 college students in internships and careers
100% of our students in the Movement Program apply to college or certified program
The Movement Program has increased graduation rates at all high schools at least 20%
The Movement Program has a 100% graduation rate African American students at Lynwood Unified Schools for the last 3 years
Created a 100% College Going Rate at Palomares Academy
Over 95% of our scholarship recipients finish college
The Movement Team has increased students Benchmark grades in Math during 2015-16 school year up to 150%
The Movement has increased students in Math 1 Benchmark 25%
9.8% of students in Math 1 Benchmark, scored above target
90% of our intensive students receive passing grades in all their classes
99% of our intensive students increased their grade at least .5 of a letter grade
70% of our intensive students (students in danger of failing) increased their grades at least one letter grade
College Connections and College Expos has increased college enrollment to college and universities, especially HBCUs a minimum of 20%
Over 95% of scholarship recipients finish college
Helped students secure over 200 million in scholarships and grants
Given away over $600,000 in scholarships to students attending a four year college
Assisted over 200,000 first generation college students
Helped over 400,000 students get into college
Hosted close to 100 College Expos
Increased graduation rates at all collaborating high schools, most have yielded 100% graduation rate
Increased math grades at collaborating schools at least 25%
Over 90% of students in our programs go to college
Increased students in our programs grades at least one letter grade

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