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We are reaching out to all seniors across the world to request your participation our Virtual “2021 Black High School Graduation: Rites of Passage” Friday, June 4, 2021 4pm PST.  We want to celebrate you WORLDWIDE and uplift you along with thousands of 2021 High School Seniors and echo unity in our Black Communities across the world. This a day of “Black Excellence” as we celebrate the accomplishments of our black high school seniors across the country as you transcend to the next phase of your life. This is what the African Tradition of Rites of Passage is all about “a ritual that marks a change from one stage of life to the next”. This nationwide virtual celebration hosted by the Los Angeles Urban League and the Black College Expo™. We are excited to share that this event will be televised nationally and “live” streamed online.

We cannot let the Covid-19 pandemic crisis stop us from celebrating our awesome accomplishments. The event will feature a DJ party with celebrities and community leaders cheering you on.  Plus, we will be giving away close to $100,000 in scholarships, and once you register, we will share with you how to apply.

The Program will be an unforgettable and entertaining event, so REGISTER NOW.

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Dr. Lorin Crawford
Ph.D. Statistical Science
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John Smith
High School Freshman 
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African Americans in Aviation Traveling Museum
National College Resources Foundation has partnered with Chauncey Spencer, Jr. continuing his father Chauncey Spencer Sr.’s legacy creating an African Americans in Aviation Traveling Museum.  The Traveling Museum hit the road traveling 7,000 miles to share history of black aviators like Chauncey Spencer and Dale White who were responsible for convincing Congress to include blacks in the pre-World War II Civilian Pilot Training Program to fight in the war and getting President Truman to integrate the US Air Force. There would be no Tuskegee Airmen, no Red Tails without Mr. Spencer and Mr. White. They paved the way for black pilots and astronauts. See map of the tour below. The tour includes the March on Washington.
African Americans in Aviation Traveling MuseumAAA map
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