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HBCU Caravan

Recruitment Caravan Tour of California

February 17th , 2021
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It’s A Movement

 To increase the number of underserved and underrepresented students going to college
 To provide an exclusive platform for students to have guaranteed access to 20+ four-year institutions
 To increase the “college going” culture and provide additional assistance for retention and matriculation to get students “to and through” college
 Students will meet one–on-one with college recruiters from over 20 historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), which are also, Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSI)

Visit with 20 + universities
Get accepted ON-THE-SPOT

Bring SAT/ACT scores

ON-THE-SPOT Scholarships

Bring SAT/ACT scores

Application Fees Waived

Bring SAT/ACT scores

The Benefits

 Helps increase “College Going Culture” rates
 Allows students to personally meet and connect with recruiters
 Fosters a cohort group of students possibly attending the same college, which creates a support system
 Allows students to receive immediate acceptance into a college without waiting to hear by mail or email
 Empowers students, even some of whom may not have attend college, gain easy access to four year colleges and creates excitement among students
 This opportunity is for ALL students ALL cultures
 An event that is self-contained, well managed for students.  

It is recommended that District communicates to students to make sure students have at least 12 copies of transcripts and test scores for onsite acceptance.  Note**: Some colleges because they are private may not require SAT/ACT scores for acceptance.
Student Stories
Dr. Lorin Crawford
Ph.D. Statistical Science
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John Smith
High School Freshman 
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African Americans in Aviation Traveling Museum
National College Resources Foundation has partnered with Chauncey Spencer, Jr. continuing his father Chauncey Spencer Sr.’s legacy creating an African Americans in Aviation Traveling Museum.  The Traveling Museum hit the road traveling 7,000 miles to share history of black aviators like Chauncey Spencer and Dale White who were responsible for convincing Congress to include blacks in the pre-World War II Civilian Pilot Training Program to fight in the war and getting President Truman to integrate the US Air Force. There would be no Tuskegee Airmen, no Red Tails without Mr. Spencer and Mr. White. They paved the way for black pilots and astronauts. See map of the tour below. The tour includes the March on Washington.
African Americans in Aviation Traveling MuseumAAA map
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