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National College Resources Foundation Alumni, Lorin Crawford, attended the Los Angeles Black College Expo, was accepted on the spot, and received a full ride scholarship to Clark Atlanta University. He is now Dr. Lorin Crawford, a professor at Brown University, and on Forbes 30 under 30 in 2019.

A Nationwide Movement

NCRF has grown from its initial service of the Los Angeles Black College Expo, raising awareness and connecting students to colleges and universities, to a nationwide movement servicing over 200,000 students annually across the nation. The unique blend of services + resources has generated a generational impact empowering our future leaders and making a college education a reality for many.

“Dr. Price is the Harriet Tubman of our generation connecting students to HBCU’s and other colleges” – Dr. Austin Lane, Former President Texas Southern University

NCRF Areas Of Impact

NCRF has uniquely impacted students in a variety of ways. Whether the student is in need of financial resources, educational resources and services, or a student athlete looking to get recruited and play sports at the next level, NCRF meets each student where they are and SERVES. NCRF has even served intellectually disabled students and young adults since 2015. Partnering with Network 1, NCRF has provided an opportunity for intellectually disabled individuals to gain work experience and life skills, while receiving income for their services. Since 1999, NCRF has been providing services that have resulted in over 600,000 students getting into college, given away over $2 million in scholarships, and helped students secure over $4 billion in scholarships and grants creating a generational impact on these three key areas:


NCRF increased grades & test scores, decreased dropout rates, increased college entrance & college completion rates.

workforce gap

NCRF prepares and connects students to colleges, as well as provides internship/job opportunities.

economic disparities

Through positively impacting the achievement and workforce gap, NCRF believes this will ultimately impact the wage gap generating more qualified individuals to enter the workforce and drive an increase in entrepreneurship.

NCRF's "The Movement" has increased graduation rates at all collaborating high schools, most have yielded 100% graduation rate
NCRF has helped students secure over $1 billion in scholarships and grants
NCRF has placed over 1000 college students in internships and careers
NCRF has helped over 500,000 students get into college
NCRF has awarded close to $1 million in scholarships
Over 95% of our scholarship recipients complete college earning at least their bachelors degree
NCRF College Expo's has increased enrollment to participating HBCU's a minimum of 20%
NCRF's S.T.E.A.M. Program reaches over 35,000 students annually
Helped over 600 athletes receive athletic scholarships
NCRF yas yielded a 100% graduation rate on our focused target groups
NCRF has hosted over 144 College Expos
NCRF College Expos has increased college enrollment to HBCUs a minimum of 20%
Over 90% of NCRF students attend a 2 year or 4 year college
80% of NCRF students increase their grades at least one letter grade