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The Movement Enrichment Program

The Movement Enrichment Program

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Our research has shown that students who enter the Movement Enrichment Program:


The Movement Enrichment Program (TMEP) is an initiative which confronts the disparities in the educational system, workforce, and economic deficiencies.  We work with elementary, middle, and high school students to improve their academic performance, while guiding students towards positive post-secondary pursuits.  What sets this program apart from the majority of other educational initiatives is what we call “comprehensive intervention,” which includes, most notably, onsite and holistic school visits.

"Grade Distribution was better than it's ever been in the eleven years that I worked at Pomona High School. The percentage of students earning A's the highest it has ever been, percentage of students earning D's and F's lowest it's ever been, A-G rate highest it's ever been. Graduation rate is going to be in the 90% for the first time ever. The support that students need is ongoing. The number of students going to HBCU's is the highest it's ever been. You can see in the outcomes The Movement has a major impact on Pomona High School." - Roger Fasting, Principal of Pomona High School

OUR approach

Our approach is to provide holistic comprehensive intervention, mentoring, tutoring, and college and career planning. We provide social emotional support through counseling via caseloads to make sure every student can maximize their potential. We also work with student athletes helping them understand the importance of academics, as well as helping them continue to play their sport at the college level.

COVID19 has created a whole new wave of issues. These issues have become our issues every day. We are finding that we can't help students academically until we help them social-emotionally to create safe havens for them to survive. In addition, the emotional strain of seeing social injustice around the country makes it even harder for students to engage. We have had to provide immediate COVID relief to low resource students, especially homeless and foster students. NCRF/TMEP has provided food, support for housing, and other necessities. TMEP has designed specialized virtual learning methodologies for students to want to engage and progress.

"The Movement Enrichment Program has created a 100% graduation rate among African American students at Lynwood Unified Schools." - Dr. Patricia Brent-Sanco, Director of Equity in Lynwood Unified School District