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National College Resources Foundation Entrepreneurial Program is a platform to help students and young adults learn what it takes to start a business. At each of our College Expos we host a panel on “How to Start a Business”, where we bring in business owners and programs to share insight on what it takes to start a business and/or to give pointers on maintaining a healthy business for those who are just starting. If you feel like you need help or direction please reach out to us. Our program is managed by our Internships & Careers Manager Denise Parker. Ms. Parker is an entrepreneur herself and has been a supporter for small businesses since she assisted her mother Dorothy Randle who was the Executive Director for Business Development for the city of Los Angeles.

Ms Parker is very passionate about sharing knowledge and resources to help our inner city youth and young adults be able to start and grow their businesses, which helps Black and Brown communities become more sustainable. The goal of NCRF’s Entrepreneur Program is to create more entrepreneurs of color, especially from black and brown communities, to own businesses that will be able to bring more jobs and career opportunities to their community. At the same time, we want to create an ecosystem for minority businesses to build a network to work with each other to establish best practices to survive and grow their business. There will be a series of entrepreneurial boot camps and programs for students to LEARN, GROW and DEVELOP their entrepreneurial pursuits.

If you would like more information or want to be a part of our program as a participant or a partner please email denise@ncrfoundation.org

We will have forums on:

How to Start a Business

How to Create a Business Plan

How to Fund Your Business

How to Market Your Business

How to Trademark Your Business

How to Get a Patent

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