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Your Career choice should definitely be something you are passionate about. “Your Passion” Something you love so much you will do for free!  Shadowing or experiencing is going to be your answer to make sure you really love what you chose.  How many people do you hear all the time say, “I hate my job”, or “I don’t want to go to work”,or “I wish I would have…”, well don’t let that be you.  You can make sure you are doing what you love.  We suggest while you are in school from the beginning, please do Internships.

An internship allows you to gain experience in a certain field you are studyingor majoring in and also it helps you build your resume. Remember you arecompeting against people not just locally, nationally, but from all over theworld, yes globally, so you need to gain enough experience as possible andinternships helps you do this.  Plus, it gives you the opportunity to seeif you like a particular field or not. Your career choice could be somethingyou will be doing for a long time, so you want to make sure you like it.  

Most internships start interviewing first quarter January-March so you shouldstart looking in the fall of your school year.  Every major company has internships.Companies use internships as a way to find new talented individuals likeyou.  Also, it helps companies with their diversity goals.  Diversityis key to a company’s success.  Companies need individuals from allbackgrounds so they can serve their customers or create the bestproducts. 

Here are some great resources for you to discover who you are and what fields may be of interest to you:

My Next Move College Board Princeton ReviewCareer Quiz


- Resume Writing
- Interviewing Skills/Techniques
- Dressing for Success
- Job Etiquette
- Building Relationships


NCRF looks for partnerships to help high school seniors and college students gain experience,build their resume, while creating a pipeline of diverse talent for companies to continue to grow and be on the cutting edge of innovation and prosperity.This program is coordinated by a NCRF Alumni, Destiny McGhee, who is a 2017 graduate of Howard University.  Destiny is NCRF’s College and Career Coordinator who came through NCRF’s program and received assistance and resources from National College Resources Foundation when she was in high school. She received several acceptances on the spot at the Black College Expo and also participated in NCRF’s Internship Program and worked for Unified Grocers.

Here is a current list of our workforce partners:

Emma Bowen Foundation
Walt Disney Company             
S& P Global                            
Wells Fargo
Peace Corps
Ameri Corps
US Coast Guard
West Coast
Urban League of LA
Southern California Edison
SoCal Gas
California Highway Patrol
Pioneer Astronautics
Sage Cheshire
Urban Network                                          
East Coast
S& P Global
Walt Disney Company
Success Academy Careers
Venture for America                               
Wells Fargo
Peace Corps  
Ameri Corps
US Army
US Coast Guard
Wells Fargo
US Army
US CoastGuard
UniverSoul Circus                               

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