Celebrating 22 Years
// Est. 1999 Celebrating 24 Years of Service Nationwide

National College Resources Foundation

We are National College Resources Foundation

National College Resources Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational enhancement organization. Our mission is to curtail the high school dropout rate and increase degree and/or certificate enrollment among underserved, underrepresented, at risk, low resource, homeless and foster students.

Our vision is to close the gap in educational achievement, workforce and economic disparities with the goal to end racism and racial inequality.

We are National College Resources Foundation


Providing resources and services to help students prepare, enroll, and graduate from a degree and/or certificate program

// Connecting students to positive post-secondary pursuits

Providing resources and services to help students prepare for, enroll in, and graduate from a degree and/or certificate program.

College Access

NCRF has hosted over 300 college expos nationwide helping students with direct access to colleges. Students can be accepted, have application fees waived, and be awarded scholarships on the spot. Our exclusive HBCU Caravan brings college recruiters, presidents, and admissions directors directly to high schools and community colleges.


NCRF provides scholarships, connects students to internships and careers, helps student athletes connect to athletic scholarships, and works with collaborative partners to help students get to and through college.

Educational Services

NCRF provides holistic, comprehensive intervention, mentoring, academic support, SAT/ACT prep, college and career planning, student athlete assistance and helps students secure funding to attend college.



NCRF has helped over 600,000 students get into college.



Billion +

NCRF has helped students secure over $4 billion in scholarships and grants.


NCRF’s Movement Enrichment Program has yielded a 100% graduation rate among black students and over 93% among ALL students.


Ninety-five percent of our scholarship winners finish college.