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Search for colleges by location, size, tuition costs, sport, division and academics (grades, class rank, SAT/ACT) -- you personalize the list!

If your goal is to receive an athletic scholarship or have the opportunity to compete in college athletics and receive an outstanding college education, NCRF's College Coaches Online service will be a great tool to help you!


Do you think you have what it takes to play your sport at the next level?

We have relationships with College Coaches and can help you get athletic scholarships. We can also help you meet NCAA Clearinghouse requirements and provide assistance to help you in your academics. NCRF Sports Program wants to help YOU play at the NEXT level.

We make it easy for student athletes to connect with college coaches Contact us today for more information LET US HELP YOU Get Recruited!


There are two fundamental areas that all student athletes must focus on:

- Academics
- Preparation on the field/ court

In terms academics, it is a must that the student athlete know the NCAA requirements.



All students must strive for academic excellence in the classroom. The higher the Grade Point Average (GPA) in your core classes, i.e. English, Math, Science, History, the more opportunities you create for yourself to participate in collegiate athletics.

SAT/ACT preparation is a must. This means you must take some preparatory classes before you take the SAT and/or ACT. There are free ACT and SAT prep on act.org and collegeboard.org. We recommend you take both the SAT www.collegeboard.org and ACT www.act.org. Some students score higher on one test versus the other test, and colleges accept both tests. This gives you the opportunity to submit your best score.  Also, remember you are allowed to take the tests more than once so you can produce your best scores, and recommend you take them more than once.

When comes to on the playing field or on the floor, “There is no substitution for a fundamentally sound player”. We recommend that potential student athletes attend skill camps that are specific their particular sport and to their playing position. If you feel you need assistance in any skill area, we can help you with this.

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