In the month of April, NCRF produced a FREE platform for student athletes to connect to athletic scholarships. The 3rd Annual HBCU Combine & 7 on 7 Showcase, The 1st Annual HBCU Women's Basketball Showcase, & The 2nd Annual HBCU Men's Basketball Showcase facilitated 215 scholarship offers!

These groundbreaking events provided rising juniors, unsigned seniors, and junior college athletes a unique opportunity to get recruited for absolutely no cost! Again, zero cost! 28 football recruiters, 25 men's basketball recruiters, and 7 women's basketball recruiters gathered at Lynwood Unified School District to recruit talent resulting in 215 total scholarship offers!

Since the emergence of NCRF's Student Athlete Program in 2017 over 450 scholarship offers have been facilitated.

This is my first time at the HBCU Combine, being that I been to several other ones, I think this is top notch not only because of the talent, but how it was ran and the message - Joshua Dean, Head Football Coach, Lincoln PA
Gjerrard Wilson 6'0 Guard from Upland High School Signs ToLeMoyne Owen College On May 3rd Due To His Performance at NCRF's HBCU Basketball Showcase
College basketball coaches recruit from the bleachers at HBCU Basketball Showcase

The events are also a great opportunity for student athletes to gain wisdom and develop their skills from experts of their craft. Attendees receive elite hands on training with former collegiate/professional athletes and coaches. In addition, head coaches had the opportunity to recruit which allows players to be offered scholarships on-the-spot. Coaches made on sight full ride scholarship offers to players who not only performed well on the field, but showed excellence in the classroom as well.

You see guys get scholarship opportunities, I think this is great for the community, it's only getting bigger and better. This is my second year coming here, and I tell you what, I cannot wait until next year - Greg Ruffin, Head Football Coach, Edward Waters College