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Students Think STEAM Initiative

An educational approach to learning and applying Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts + Agriculture + Aviation + Aerospace, and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.

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National College Resources Foundation (NCRF) has developed partnerships with universities, and corporations to provide training for students K-12 to learn all elements of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The "A" for ARTS takes STEM to STEAM. Students of all ages can have access to NCRF’s STEAM Mobile to learn coding, programming, game design and development, networking, research, experiments, 3-D Printing, all the while building their math, science and creative skills. NCRF’s STEAM Mobile is available to visit schools, youth programs, churches, neighbor block parties and other youth activities to EXCITE, IGNITE, and BUILD students toward STEAM careers. Our instructors are professionals in their respective fields. Young college graduates with a love for teaching and engaging with future young minds. Not only do we reach students of all ages but also the intellectually challenged. All students must have the opportunity to engage, explore and expand their minds. And we can take them there.

We Believe Mars 2033

The first person to walk on Mars could be sitting in your classroom.

The National College Resources Foundation (NCRF) pledges that the mission to Mars will include people of all colors, genders, classes, and walks of life. NCRF has partnered up with Tomorrow's Aeronautical Museum, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, and many other organizations to ensure everyone gets the chance to be a part of Mars 2033. Mars 2033 is the belief that human beings will land on planet Mars in the year of 2033. NCRF has created a pipeline that will train inner city students to become astronauts.

Collaborative Partnerships

The STEAM Program has a special focus on Aerospace, Aeronautical Science, Aviation and Rockets. FREE hands-on training for students to learn everything about a plane, rocket and the Aerospace industry.

National College Resources Foundation is a collaborative partner of the newly developed Fullerton Aviation Learning Center, FlaBob Riverside Airport Build-A-Plane Program, Rosamund Aerospace Program, Base 11 Training and Internship Program and Compton Airport “Tomorrows Aeronautical Museum.” In addition, we have partnered with Cal Poly Pomona, Long Beach State University, San Diego State University, UC San Diego, UCLA, USC and UC Irvine on the development of the Liquid Fuel Rocket Propulsion Laboratory on campus, which will pipeline students K-12 to becoming future Aerospace professionals.


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