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The National College Resources Foundation (NCRF) Student Ambassador Program is a coalition of current and former student leaders to serve as advocates of pursuing post secondary education and bring awareness to our educational programs and resources that are linked to increased success in college and careers. This program, which brings together students from various academic disciplines and cultural backgrounds, serves to enrich a community attentiveness around the general benefits of higher education.


NCRF is looking to partner with enthusiastic Student Ambassadors to act as liaisons between our organization and prospective and current students by playing a pivotal role in:

• Communicating the mission and vision of the NCRF
• Increasing engagement and retention of students in NCRF programs and activities
• Acting as role models and sources of information for all students


Ambassadors must be able to balance their academics/work with the demands of the program. We’re looking for individuals that are:

• Enrolled full-time as a student or graduate of a college/university

• Must be able to participate in NCRF related activities

• Act as a source of promotions for NCRF related events

• Strong social media presence

Become an NCRF Ambassador

Receive community service hours, a book scholarship, make an impact on your peers & community, build your resume, + networking opportunities for: scholarships, internships & jobs!

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